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Testimonial 27

I would just like to say my experience with Anthony Castelli was absolutely, positively, the best!

I was injured in a motorcycle accident and didn't want to have to go through all of the hassle you have to do with insurance companies. I would highly recommend Anthony Castelli to be your lawyer. He answered and helped me through an awful time and I am very grateful! Thank you Again!

Written by: Randy Smith

Review of Motorcycle Accident Attorney - Anthony Castelli

5/5 stars

Testimonial 34

I thank Anthony D. Castelli very much from my entire family for the service that he has done for me...

...in representing me as his client in my personal injury case in auto accident. I was on the business trip in Cincinnati, OH when it happened. I live in Washington State, so all the work and communication was done by phone, email and regular mail. Not once I had a doubt or felt uncertain about Anthony D. Castelli handling the case.

Testimonial 33

Myself and my wife were injured in a serious car/truck collision.

The trucking company disputed responsibility because they had a witness who claimed we were speeding as the truck turned right into our path. Tony thoroughly investigated our case and proved that the witness could not have determined that we were speeding as his vision would have been blocked by a pillar. He also found a witness that supported our case.

Testimonial 32

The care and support you gave us was beyond anything we could have imagined.

You found so much. you worked so diligently. Everytime you learned something new you called me. I did not feel like I was talking to an attorney I felt like I was talking to a friend. And that's what really helped us go through things. You've become a good friend and family member to all of us.

Written by: Karen Strong

Review of Injury Attorney - Anthony Castelli

5/5 stars

Testimonial 31

Everything you could wish for in a personable, efficient attorney...

...who sincerely cares about his clients and goes the extra mile. He is honest, respectable and straightforward. He was recommended to me by many satisfied clients.

Written by: Katrina Tritt

Review of Injury Attorney - Anthony Castelli

5/5 stars

Testimonial 38

My father got into a trucking accident in the state of Ohio.

Living a few states north, we went through many lawyers that made empty promises just to get our business and were unable to help. Everything changed once we found Anthony Castelli. He is by far the best attorney I've met. I call him old school - where a simple handshake seals the deal. With that said, he does not cut corners. He will give you honest evaluation of your case take it or leave it. He has an AMAZING team that works extremely hard. He and his team treated us like family.

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