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Taser Caused Death in Cincinnati Still May Be Wrongful

Everette Howard Jr 18 years old is dead . I say for no good reason. The Cincinnati Enquirer led with this headline Deters: Taser Death No Crime. The article had a bunch of conclusory statements , but no real investigation.

So now its left to the civil side of justice championed by personal injury lawyers, in this case Alphonse Gerhardstein, to answer the question was the death of Everette Howard negligently/recklessly caused by the police and/or was the taser manufacturer at fault.

I Don't Trust My Cincinnati Injury Lawyer What You Should Do

As a Cincinnati injury lawyer I get calls from personal injury car accident victims whom are unhappy with their lawyer. Maybe the lawyer is not returning their phone calls, maybe the client is not being kept informed, maybe the case is taking too long. There can be many complaints including my lawyer wants me to settle cheap. My personal injury lawyer will not advance expenses and wants me to.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Accredited By Better Business Bureau


Press Release : Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli was recently accredited by the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau. Prior to applying for the rating Anthony Castelli Attorney had and continues with an A+ rating , the highest rating awarded to businesses by the Better Business Bureau.

Accreditation and ratings are different aspects of the Better Business Bureau information to the public about businesses.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Webinar on Ohio Personal Injury Law

As Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I like to help inform the public on timely personal injury issues.  You may be interested in a webinar I'm planning for Tuesday evening  8 pm starting January 9, 2012. The title is Critical Facts About Your Ohio  Personal  Injury case. You should be seeing press releases on the subject shortly. The plan is to  record this on blog talk radio . Or at least record one live show for repeating.

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Alerts U L Sued For Faulty Smoke Detector Standard

As a personal injury lawyer I have represented burn injury victims. The last burn case I had there was an issue of whether there was an adequate smoke detector. What the public does not know is that there are two types of smoke detectors: photoelectric and ionic. The ionic is designed more for flame and the photoelectic will pick up smoke in time for you to depart the premises.

Fall In Cincinnati Walmart or Krogers Can You Win Your Personal injury

I fell in a Cincinnati Walmart or Krogers store can I win my personal injury is a question I hear as a personal injury lawyer. The answer to the question is it depends. It depends on whether you can prove the store was negligent and their negligence was a proximate cause of your injury. You must also show that it you were at fault that your negligence was 50% or less.

Woman Killed in Crash I-275 Symmes Township Cincinnati Personal injury Lawyer Discusses Fault

A woman was killed in a crash on I-275 in Symmes township on December 10, 2011. As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I know some of the issues that will be raised. One thing I know is that the system breaks down totally almost, when it comes to compensating the loved ones of the person killed by wrongful death. This is a death as a result of carelessness.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Combats Climate of Hostility To Disabled

As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney as well as a accident injury lawyer I'm fed up with the climate of hostility towards the disabled. How often have I heard that the disability system is abused by fakers that can really work.

I just read a story about Peter Greener that could shed light on why the abled bodied feel this way. He endured hatred from his neighbors and eggs were actually thrown at his house as well as paint. This went along with name calling such as scum and scrounger.


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