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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer on Scam Phone Calls After a Car Accident Injury

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have had clients tell me about all the letter in the mail from lawyers and chiropractors. Many feel this is an invasion of privacy. I have seen some letters that actually provide some good information , but not many. Most of them invite you to a free consultation or free check up. But what is really disturbing is the phone calls to injury victims soliciting them to come to a doctors visit. These are agencies that some, usually chiropractors, hire to get you in their door.

Find In Cincinnati a Great doctor For Your Personal Injury Nerve Compression

Finding a great doctor is not always easy. Finding the right doctor for your personal injury can even be more difficult if it is a personal injury claim. Many doctors think they are going to be hassled by lawyers. But most Doctors with care for their patient and confidence in themselves know it goes with the territory.

Recently I took a friend to see a hand specialist for ulnar nerve entrapment or cubital tunnel syndrome. This is caused by trauma to the elbow or repetitive pressure on the ulnar nerve. The nerve that runs under the elbow.

Medical Emergency Defense in Car Accident Cases

Recently the following was reported on line by fox news. An accident on the ramp leading out of Fort Washington Way to I-75 north and US-50 west resulted in a two car crash with injury. Police say the accident was caused when a person driving a car had a diabetic emergency at about 8:15 pm Tuesday night, causing him to crash into a wall. No word on the extent of the injuries of the drivers.

Choosing a Television Lawyer - Are TV Lawyers the Best?

So you saw a lawyer on television yesterday. You may be saying to yourself is this attorney really the best attorney for my personal injury case. After all they are on television. Television advertising costs a lot of money. So any lawyer that advetises must be very successful to be able to pay for the advertising. The lawyer may very well be successful, if you judge success by the money they make. But will this lawyer be a success for you? Who really knows just from a television commercial. There are so many lawyers to choose from , choosing the one you see on TV makes your choice easy.

Cincinnati Attorney Anthony Castelli Named Again to Super Lawyers Magazine 2011

 Here is a recent press release about an honor I just received.

Super Lawyers Magazine 2011 Names Cincinnati Attorney Anthony Castelli on Its Ohio Super Lawyer List For 2011 

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 30, 2010 – Cincinnati

Anthony Castelli Cincinnati Personal injury Trial Lawyer has been listed in the Ohio Super Lawyers Magazine as an Ohio Super Lawyer for 2011. Each year Super lawyers Magazine picks just 5% of the Lawyers in this State to receive this honor.


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