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Teen Car Crash Deaths on the Rise in Cincinnati and US While the Ohio Legislature Fiddles

Teen car crash deaths are on the rise.This is a troubling new trend. Our dearest children are being killed in car accidents. Yet, the Ohio legislature can not seem to agree on a anti-texting bill that would prohibit this activity involving texting, distracted driving, and car accident injury and deaths.

Federal data shows that in the first 6 months of 2011 there was an increase in teen car deaths by 11%. Formerly, in the 8 years previous teen car wreck deaths had been decreasing.


Child Safety by Dewine A Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Comments

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for 3o years sometimes it's hard not to get upset at insurance company tactics and big government and the elected politicians. Recently Attorney General  of Ohio Dewine conducted a "child safety summit." He called for a complete review of the foster care system. One wonders how much is politics and how much is a real concern for the welfare of children in foster care.

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