Protecting My Child From Injury - Could a Cell Phone Destroy Your Child

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It's hard to know what is safe sometimes. There are many things that we just do not realize that can cause our child injury if not death. It's a scary world out there.  If you are my age you hitch hiked up and down your hometown, not anymore.

What really concerns me are the products that are made that can kill or injure my your child. Just recently I read an artice the headline was STUDY : Cellphone use affects brain. Holding a cell phone against your ear changes brain acivity due to RADIATION.  A cellphone is a microwave radiation antennae. The amount of radiation you get is directly related to the distance from your head. They say it could be good or bad. And your child's developing brain is more susceptible to these changes. I'll bet you there's some bad stuff they won't tell us about.

But what about products we know about. Take a look at the recalls on products known to have caused child injury . This link here  is for other than toys.

Let's name a few:  jogging strollers. I always thought those were pretty dumb. There's Dad running as fast as he can . What if he tripped and fell. Reminds me of those people who put there child on a riding lawn mower. So there is an element of parental responsibility. But for the most part the products are the culprits such as dangerous cribs.

IKEA Recalls to Repair Cribs Due to Mattress Support Collapse; Cribs Pose Entrapment and Suffocation Hazards


Two Strangulation Deaths Prompt Summer Infant to Recall Video Baby Monitors with Cords; Firm to Provide New On-Product Label & Instructions


WARNING: Generation 2 Worldwide "SafetyCraft" Brand Drop-Side Cribs Pose Risks of Strangulation, Suffocation
Hardware Linked to Deaths and Injuries

Here is the consumer protection center site devoted soley to crib safety. Please go there if you are using a crib.

And now our Supreme Court in its infinite wisdom says that you can not sue a vaccine manufacturer for a drug design defect and the special court set up at the request of the drug companies is your only remedy. O boy.

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