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As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for 3o years sometimes it's hard not to get upset at insurance company tactics and big government and the elected politicians. Recently Attorney General  of Ohio Dewine conducted a "child safety summit." He called for a complete review of the foster care system. One wonders how much is politics and how much is a real concern for the welfare of children in foster care. According to his own press release the summit discussed the death of children after being reunited with relatives. There were also concerns of children not being reunited as well as medication of foster children. We applaud his effort in bringing people together to examine child safety issues. But. The foster care people on the firing line welcomed a review and you can bet any improvement comes down to money. Something the state has not that much of to go around. To me the concern for safety rings hollow.  But maybe I'm jaded. You see I'm in a lawsuit involving the Ohio department of transportation.  You can judge the concern for safety and their willingness to take responsibility by the dollars they compensate the people injured by neglect of Ohio operatives and their contractors.  Their contractor's are no different and maybe worse.  So far its been "lawyer up " as usual. Although some changes have been made for the betterment of safety of the motor vehicle traveling public. I guesss we are better off than we used to be. In bygone days you could not sue the state under the theory that , "The King Can Do No Wrong." But we know plenty of kings have done plenty wrong. so in recognition the state waives immunity from personal injury lawsuit in certain instances and allow themselves to be sued in the Court of Claims. So lets follow this foster care issue. I can tell you as a former social worker for 241-kids that most of the people working in the trenches are underpaid and overworked. The smart ones get out before they burn out. That's what I did . Now I really feel it comes down to me and my client to make a difference.  And a fire still burns in me as a Cincinnati personal injury attorney to seek justice for accident injury victims whether it be as a car accident lawyer or other personal injury loss.

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