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Rear End Collision Safety Tips by Cincinnati Injury Law Firm

Critical Tips You Can Start Today For Car Accident Safety

Rear end crashes are all too common on America's roads. Among the most common types of accidents, the risk of severe injury is significant for drivers and passengers. Especially troubling is the threat of whiplash. The swift motion of the accident can cause debilitating head and neck injuries that can carry with a person for life.

Ohio's Texting and Driving Laws Don't Protect Motorists

Antiquated Phrasing Leaves Major Gaps

Texting and driving is an increasing problem on the nation's roads. States like Ohio have tremendous traffic as one of the major crossroads of the country. With millions of motorists from in and out of the state traveling along these major arteries, the need for cell phone use regulations that meet modern needs is second to none.

Find A Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer

I was hurt in a car accident in Cincinnati is a phrase I often hear from someone looking for a lawyer for car accidents. Not everyone needs a lawyer. The reason that a car accident injury lawyer may not be able or willing to help car accident injury victim is they can not add value. I am not talking about a case where there is no liability. In other words you have a valid car accident insurance claim that entitles you to car accident insurance injury compensation.

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer on Car Accident Settlements

As a Cincinnati peronal injury lawyer I often work on car accident injury settlements. This involves listening to the client to learn the effects the injury had or has on them. Nailing down the evidence as to fault of the person who caused my client's injury. Gathering medical records, medical bills, lost wage information, taking photographs, speaking with doctor's , reviewing the medical evidence with my nurse case manager, gathering reports and dealing with the multiple insurance company's involved.

Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer Message to Accident Injury Victims

As a Cincinnati Car accident Lawyer many times I field calls and the person on the other end says, I was hurt in a car accident and I don't know what to do. This is a genuine concern. My web site makes it clear that I am happy to talk with anyone that has been in a car accident with a personal injury.

You will find articles and videos on my personal injury car accident web site that will educate you. In the personal injury area I have three downloadable free ebooks that can help you learn about your rights.

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