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As a Cincinnati peronal injury lawyer I often work on car accident injury settlements. This involves listening to the client to learn the effects the injury had or has on them. Nailing down the evidence as to fault of the person who caused my client's injury. Gathering medical records, medical bills, lost wage information, taking photographs, speaking with doctor's , reviewing the medical evidence with my nurse case manager, gathering reports and dealing with the multiple insurance company's involved. After I have all this information it comes down to putting a realistic dollar value on my client's personal injury. Usually I can come up with a fairly tight range of the money as a  personal injury car accident damage attorney in evaluating what damages  my client should get. When there is significant disagreement with the insurance company a personal injury lawsuit must be filed. chances are that a thoroughly prepared case will settle and not go to trial. Recently my client had a rotator cuff tear to their shoulder involving surgery. Having tried a case to jury before I knew what that case brought. But even though the injury is similar their can be a great variance in what is awarded. It depends on too many factors to go into here. But I would be happy to answer any of your questions if you have an Ohio serious injury claim. I can also do legal research and find out what other verdicts and settlements went for. One case I researched settled for $80,000. again that's dependent on multiple injury factors a Cincinnati injury lawyer such as myself takes into consideration. Other verdicts or settlements were $70,000.00, $85,500, $61,500, $100,000. and I could go on . There were a couple much higher and a couple much lower but those were the unusual ones. Please call me now if you have a serious injury for a free consultation to find out how much your personal injury case is worth. The time to call is now before it's to late. 621-2345

injury to rorator cuff shoulder

torn rotator cuff shoulder injury