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As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for over 30 years I've seen a lot of winning steps that can increase your car accident settlement. There are also tons of mistakes you can make that can devalue if not outright destroy your case. One of the biggest tips for car accidents injury victims is not to be a whiner.

You must carry yourself with dignity and courage even though you may be scared, hurt and wondering if you will ever get what's fair for your car accident injury. If you come across as fighting  your injury and doing everything you can to get better you will create a better impression of yourself to the insurance company , their lawyer and the jury if your case goes that far.

If the jury like you and finds you credible you can bet you have got a good chance to get the maximum value for your injury. But if they perceive you as exaggerating your injury and what you can and can't do you will be penalized. That's one reason I don't add up all my client's mileage to their doctor. Because I believe it makes my client look like a penny pinching grinch.

Most of my clients understand this after we go over how we are going to fight the battle against big insurance. The clients that don't accept this concept pass along an attitude of entitlement which jurors dislike. This does not mean that we are not going to thoroughly and completely portray your injury we most certainly are, down to the very last prescription drug expense.

In fact in one trial the defense doctor said my client was better after 8 weeks and the problems that continued were arthritis as my client did not see a doctor for 4 months. But what the doctor missed was that my client filled a prescription for her neck pain in the middle of that 4 moth period. So by bringing in the single evidence of a prescription refill coupled with a likable client and a great treating doctor there was a very satisfactory verdict. I found the insurance company easier to deal with after that.

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Cincinnati car accident injury

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