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Rear end crashes are all too common on America's roads. Among the most common types of accidents, the risk of severe injury is significant for drivers and passengers. Especially troubling is the threat of whiplash. The swift motion of the accident can cause debilitating head and neck injuries that can carry with a person for life.

Other injuries can lead to cognitive impairment, paralysis, and death. We've seen many types of accidents at our practice and look to avoid as many as possible. We've scoured common themes in many of these crashes and have compiled some of the most useful ways to avoid them as much as possible.

Age Often Plays a Role

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported that 29.7% of all road accidents were rear end collisions, leading to 30% of all vehicle injuries. NHTSA statistics also found a significant correlation between age and the number of these accidents. Even though drivers under 18 only make up 2.0% of total drivers, they are involved in 6.6% of all rear end collisions. Furthermore, drivers from 18-24 make up 11.5% of all drivers but are involved in 20.7% of such crashes.

The other major age groups were even with or sharply below the proportion of the driving population. In fact, experienced drivers aged 50 to 69 made up 29.1% of all drivers but only 15.7% of all involved in rear end crashes. Teaching younger people the rules of the road and making sure that they build up experience and confidence behind the wheel can make a profound difference.

Driving Habits Can be Key

There are several ways that even less experienced drivers can help prevent rear end crashes. One way is to look several cars in front of them when entering into an intersection. You will be able to increase the reaction time and distance between you and any other vehicles. By checking your vehicles every several seconds when slowing or stopping, you will be able to see any other vehicles behind you and their relative distance. You will help build up that little bit of insurance in case the other driver is not skilled or driving distracted.

Entering into an intersection slowly will enable you to handle any sudden stops of vehicles in front of you, especially if they appear out of nowhere. You can make sure that regular maintenance also prevents accidents. The key indicator that can prevent such crashes are brake lights. Make sure to check that yours are properly working. Checking for other drivers' brake lights will give you that extra split second in case of a sudden stop.

Furthermore, the tread of tires and condition of your brakes will give you another chance to stop more quickly. You can also avoid common mistakes that often precipitate such crashes. Offensive driving is among the top. This would include sudden braking when another car is following too closely. Instead of giving the tailgater the message, it often instead leads straight to a crash. The most intelligent action would be to allow such a driver to simply pass you than to try to prove a point. Pull over if it continues over a longer stretch and let them go by. If such a crash was not avoidable, make sure to find immediate medical care.

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