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Deaths in Cincinnati Car Accidents Call for Grief Counselors and Traumatic Loss Experts

Two deaths were reported in two separate greater Cincinnati car accidents. A Clermont County man with 5 OVI drunk driving convictions drove off Kellog Avenue killing Tonya Chaney who was ejected from the vehicle. As usual the press reported on the allegation that they were not wearing seatbelts.

I always wonder the effect on the families. A traumatic death, sudden and unexpected, violent, untimely, unnatural and preventable death causes a potentially more traumatizing loss that can increase the risk of later psychological symptoms on those close to the deceased.

I Was Hurt In a Cincinnati Car Accident - What Should I do

As a Cincinnati car accident lawyer I get the question asked, " I was hurt in a car accident what should I do? Or I get asked, what steps should I take I was hurt in a car accident that was not my fault. 11 Critical Steps to Take After a Car Accident Injury 1. Call 911 and ask for the police and life squad to come 2. Make sure a police report is made 3. Do not leave the scene until the police arrive or you are removed by ambulance 4.

Injured By Texting Driver Get Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered a serious injury because a driver was texting in Cincinnati , West Chester , Mason or anywhere in Southwest Ohio you should consider contacting an experienced Greater Cincinnati car accident lawyer. Although you may think you have an open and shut case think again. Sure the car insurance company may admit responsibility.

I 71 Crash Deaths May Not Have Been Caused by Failure to Wear Seatbelts as Media Reports

People are dead from a serious car accident on I-71 and all the media can talk about is the failure of the deceased to wear seatbelts. How do they know that a seat belt would have prevented an ejection from the car. Or would have prevented the deaths

It was reported that 19 year old Danica McClester lost control of her car and it rolled . In fairness the actual report I saw stated;

What Doctor Should I Get For My Car Accident Neck Injury

As a Cincinnati car accident lawyer I have been asked by clients, "What kind of doctor should I get to treat my car accident neck injury in Cincinnati?" As a car accident lawyer for over 30 years I have seen many clients with serious neck injury. It is important that you get the right doctor for you injury. I usually advise my clients to see their family doctor to start with.

Choosing a Television Lawyer - Are TV Lawyers the Best?

So you saw a lawyer on television yesterday. You may be saying to yourself is this attorney really the best attorney for my personal injury case. After all they are on television. Television advertising costs a lot of money. So any lawyer that advetises must be very successful to be able to pay for the advertising. The lawyer may very well be successful, if you judge success by the money they make. But will this lawyer be a success for you? Who really knows just from a television commercial. There are so many lawyers to choose from , choosing the one you see on TV makes your choice easy.

Ohio Insurance Settlement Awards Calculator $1.9 Million

Many injury victims want to know if their is an insurance settlement calculator. I recently wrote a blog about this and had many factors in the calculation of a settlement for personal injury . But the one and only true calculator is the civil jury. Recently the Cincinnati Enquirer reported on a Warren County jury that awarded a patrolman $1.9 million dollars.

Personal Injury Insurance Settlement Calculator - Cincinnati Attorney Offers Free Claim Review

My Ohio Personal Injury Settlement Calculator gives you information on what your case may be worth in Ohio . 

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the fault of another, such as in a car accident, you need to know what your claim is worth. You need to have an insurance settlement calculator for some idea of what your personal injury claim is worth.  I offer a free settlement value review.

Car Insurance Settlement Help Allstate Secrets by Cincinnati Lawyer

 So you have been injured in a car accident. What should you do. The lawyers are telling you to hire them. The insurance company is telling you not to hire a lawyer it's not necessary. Who do you believe? For the fourth quarter 2009  Allstate made $518,000,000.00. I don't think they are hurting. You can also go to their site and dig out documents that reveal they had a consistent plan to keep car accident injury claimants from attorneys.


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