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If you have been injured in Ohio in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other personal injury you probably have a lot of questions. As I am a Cincinnati car accident personal injury lawyer practicing law in the state of Ohio I may be able to answer some of your questions.

There are many of the same questions I hear over and over from my personal injury clients. After all, no one goes to school for this stuff except lawyers and trained insurance adjusters. Knowledge is power and I would be happy to give you some knowledge so you know what steps to take after a car accident injury or other bodily injury.

Some Questions frequently asked of a Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer

1. How much does it cost to speak to a personal injury lawyer.

A. Most personal injury lawyers will give you an initial consultation at no cost

2. How can I afford to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Most lawyers charge on the basis of a contingency fee. This means if there is no recovery you do not pay them a fee.

Click here for a more complete discussion of my personal injury contingency fee.

3. What are the expenses of putting my claim together and how could I afford those.

At the beginning of the case expenses are for primarily gathering medical records and reports and documentary evidence such as a police report as well as photographs or payment of an accident reconstructionist in more complicated motor vehicle accidents. But in a serious cases the expenses, if suit needs to be filed, can get rather steep in the thousands of dollars. I customarily advance those expenses and only get paid back in the event of a recovery. Other lawyers may be different.

4. If I don't have the money to pay for the expenses and I have an attorney that won't advance expenses how can I prosecute my claim.

A. It becomes impossible to do so and you probably will be stuck with the insurance low ball offer if you or your attorney can not afford to properly prepare your case.

5. If I hire you will I have to go to trial.

A very few personal injury cases actually go to trial. You case needs to be prepared as if you expect a trial so big insurance knows you are serious and offers you top dollar.

I still have questions about my car accident personal injury case you may be saying. I fully expect you do.

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