Choosing a Television Lawyer - Are TV Lawyers the Best?

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So you saw a lawyer on television yesterday. You may be saying to yourself is this attorney really the best attorney for my personal injury case. After all they are on television. Television advertising costs a lot of money. So any lawyer that advetises must be very successful to be able to pay for the advertising. The lawyer may very well be successful, if you judge success by the money they make. But will this lawyer be a success for you? Who really knows just from a television commercial. There are so many lawyers to choose from , choosing the one you see on TV makes your choice easy. Oh right , there are more lawyers on television than just one. Check out the shows just before noon . I counted at least 5 different law firms mostly seeking personal injury victims. A long time ago I tried television advertising myself. It drives a lot of volume. You must sort through the wheat from the chaff. But I soon figured out that it is not quantity I seek but quality. I did not want a volume practice of everyone that called. I wanted to work on cases where I could make a real difference in someone's life. So now my marketing is based on education. I try to provide quality information on my web site about your problem and steps to take to get a just solution. You need information. After all Knowledge is Power. You need information about what to do about your injury claim. You need information about the lawyer to determine if they are someone accustomed to solving your problem. Do they have the experience and skills to do the best job for you. So web sites of lawyers , for many, have become invaluaable sources of information . In fact many lawyers offer free downloads of articles and even books they have written to help you learn more about what you should do if you have an injury as a result of the fault - negligence of another. If you want to know about lawyer advertising I invite you to download my ebook for free. It's called Lawyer Advertising Revealed - How to Get Through The Hype and Hire A Geat Personal Injury Attorney Just click on the link directly above to download this book. I think you will find it informative. So far I've asked Channel 19 WXIX for some airtime to discuss the topics in the book, but they have shown no interest . Maybe that's because they don't want to gore their own ox. Here are a few of the topics covered in the book: • Television Advertising - 31 • Advertisements in the Yellow Pages - 35 • Direct Mail Solicitation - 41 • Finding a Lawyer Online - 47 • 5 Myths about Lawyers - 53 • 7 Key Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney - 55 • Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney - 59 • Meaningless Questions Suggested by Some Attorneys - 61 • Your System for Finding a Great Personal Injury Attorney You can also find on my web site a helpful tips section , practice centers on car accidents, workers compensation, motorcycle accidents and social security disability. I've even created a youtube channel with videos covering these topics. Or just pick up the phone and call me today at 513-621-2345. I will gladly answer your questions at no charge.