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Cincinnati Accident Lawyer Saves Injury Car Accident Client $55,000

As a Cincinnati accident lawyer representing car accident clients and other personal injury victims I know that my clients have many issues to address in trying to get them maximum compensation for their personal injury car accident case. What most personal injury victims want to know at the time of the settlement is, how much money compensation will I go home with.

Ohio Supreme Courts Wrongly Decides Punitive Damages Must Be Given Separate Trial From Compensatory Damages in Personal Injury Claim

As an Injury Lawyer for over 30 years I've seen the ball swing back and forth between the rights of personal injury victims and those that wrongfully cause them harm. However the ball has stuck in favor of wrongdoers for many years now in Ohio and in other states. Just today the Ohio State Supreme Court ruled in favor of so called Tort Reform with its decision in Havel v Villa ruling that if requested a judge must grant a separate trial of the compensatory damage issue and the punitive damage issue.

Personal Injury Attorney on Fatal Car Crash in the News

As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney I am acutely aware of the carnage on our streets from car accidents that could have been prevented. It's tragic when I hear "I've was seriously injured in car accident, what steps should I take." Just recently I read about a truck driver that caused an accident because they were driving under the influence. No it was not driving drunk, it was apparently driving drugged.

One Of The Best Top Lawyers I Know

As a practicing personal injury attorney for 30 years I have gotten to know a lot of lawyers. Also in attending seminars across the country or as a result of participating in lawyer groups I get to meet lawyers from all over. You get to know the characteristics that make a good lawyer , especially a personal injury lawyer.

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