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As a practicing personal injury attorney for 30 years I have gotten to know a lot of lawyers. Also in attending seminars across the country or as a result of participating in lawyer groups I get to meet lawyers from all over. You get to know the characteristics that make a good lawyer , especially a personal injury lawyer. Recently I had the priviledge to coauthor a best selling book, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing -What The Insurance Company Doesn't Want You To Know and Won't Tell You Until It's Too Late. There were 14 other prominent attorneys that contributed a chapter to the book. One of them was attorney Richard Hastings of Connecticut.

His chapter, The Insurance Company Offerred Me Money but I don't Know What My Claim is Worth, impressed me as the best chapter written by all the attorneys and one that is super helpful to personal injury victims in learning what steps to take to help get fair value for their case. Richard and I have had many occasions to talk on the phone, trade emails, trade ideas many times over the last several months. He has impressed me as super knowledgeable, and super dedicated to his clients. He works hard on a daily basis to continue to learn anything he can to advance his clients interests and to help the public with educational books, articles and other material.

Richard has a unique Teen Driver and Parent Guardian contract, a customizable document outlining your rules and expectations for your child and his/her use of your motor vehicle. How tragic is a teen car crash the seriously injures themselves or someone else or causes death. Richard has come up with this idea that he freely gives to anyone. This can go a long way in empasizing to your child the seriousness of driving a car and quite possibly could save your child's life. Go here to download the parent teen driver contract by Richard Hastings

He has many more educational materials on his web site . He shared with me his book, The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims in Connecticut. This is not only a book to read , but he has developed a workbook for his clients to use, that helps the client help the lawyer get them more money. Some lawyers leave it to chance that the client will do the right thing throughout the process of their injury claim. But sadly far too many clients are left in the dark about the process and how there own actions can affect it .

These materials have helped me improve on some of the things I do with my clients to move their case to a full and fair settlement. Richard is driven to continully keep abreast with any new development so he can put it to good use for his clients. As with any serious personal injury attorney worth their salt, Richard cares deeply about his clients. In one of our discusions he related how he had taken on the case of a seriously and permanently injured young person. He was so stuck by the magnitude of her loss and the devastation to her and her family that after meeting them and finishing his visit, he had to sit in his car for a long time before he could drive away because he was to touched by the pain and loss he saw in this family.

Richard not only cares , he is street smart and is book smart. He has taken several classes at Harvard University in his quest to become a better attorney. Plus he has a great sense of humor and is totally down to earth. He understands he's been given a gift to use to help others. Even if you are not from Connecticut, Richard has great content on his web site that may help you with your personal injury case . And if you do have a Connecticut personal injury case, you owe it to yourself to talk with attorney. If you are a resident of Cincinnati feel free to call me Anthony Castelli at 513-621-2345 and I will gladly talk to you and put you in touch withh Richard