Personal Injury Attorney on Fatal Car Crash in the News

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As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney I am acutely aware of the carnage on our streets from car accidents that could have been prevented. It's tragic when I hear "I've was seriously injured in car accident, what steps should I take." Just recently I read about a truck driver that caused an accident because they were driving under the influence. No it was not driving drunk, it was apparently driving drugged.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the police are investigating a truck driver, Aaron Taylor, who ran a car  off the road of I-275 killing the car driver John Noe. The truck driver told police he was a heroin addict and was returning from a methadone clinic. the allegation is the truck driver was either high on methadone or heroin.

The truck was reportedly owned by Larry Bailey. Just why the truck driver was permitted to be driving a vehicle of destruction, a dump truck, still has not been determined. In these cases you can bet the owner will do whatever to avoid liability, as will potentially his insurance company.

Unfortunately in a wrongful death you can not hire a lawyer to bring the deceased back. But the lawyer can seek justice for the loved ones by leaving no stone unturned to find all insurance coverages available and fighting for the family to get all the compensation they deserve. In my view a life is worth more than  property. So I am not troubled in the least by large verdicts and settlements for the family of those injured wrongfully by car or truck drivers driving while under the influence and causing a death.

As a personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli attorney handles wrongful death and serious injury and death related car and truck crashes.