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Common Sense Tips to Avoid Serious Injury in a Car Accident

We don't always think of the potential consequences when we get into our cars and trucks to head out to work, your child's concert, or the family vacation. However, there are severe issues that can arise when we are least expecting it. Making sure that you take some basic measures to avoid accidents and injury can be a life or death decision for you and your loved ones. There are often many things that are overlooked regarding car safety. The factors listed below can help make your commute a safer one: 

Car Accident Injury Compensation - How to Get Money For My Injuries

People injured in car accidents want to know how to get car accident injury compensation. They want to know how to get money for their injuries. This is rightfully so and is guaranteed by our Constitution offering life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Injury victims are not looking for a free ride . They just want to get their medical bills paid. They want their wage loss compensated. And they are entitled to get money to make up for the pain they endure and the limitations on their activities. Not being able to lift your child. Not being able to get out of bed without a sharp pain.

How To Settle Your Own Injury Claim Yourself Book Review

There are some web sites that tout books variously titled How To Settle Your Own Personal Injury Claim Yourself. You can pay up to $100 dollars for some of these books. I wanted to see if they were selling snake oil to the consuming public. Yes and No is the answer. The book I reviewed is by an lawyer. It does give some educational material about the claims process. So its not ALL snake oil. But their guarantee says it all. (Snake Oil) The say you will save as much or more as the price you pay for the book.

Get the Secret Item of Fair Compensation For Car Accident Damage

If your car was damaged in a car accident by the fault of another you need to know about this item of damage so you get full compensation. This little known secret item of damage to your car is called diminution in value. This is what it is . Its the decrease in value to your car because it was in an accident. Even though your car may be repaired to you satisfaction, you are still entitled to more money from the insurance company if you will not be able to sell your car for a fair amount because it was in a car crash . The leading case in Ohio is Rakich v. Anthem Blue Cross .

What is Your Back Injury Case Worth -Cincinnati Lawyer

If you have a serious back injury caused in a car accident by the fault of another you may wonder what your case is worth. There is no hard and fast answer to that. Let me illustrate by just a few cases I looked up. 1 Herniated disc in back with no surgery and $7000 in medical bills settled for $40,000.00 2 Herniated disc in back with surgery and permanent pain medical bills were $36,000.00 and lost wages $150,000.00 settlement $338,000 3. Herniated disc $10,000.00 in medical bills surgery settlement $63,000.00 4 herniated disc jury verdict $116,000.00 5.

Cincinnati Attorney Calls For Ohio State Ban On In Car Texting

Recently the city of Cincinnati enacted an ordinance prohibiting in car texting. Here is an article describing the 8-1 vote by cincinnati city council. The Ohio legislature passed a no texting bill in March and the senate of Ohio needs to acton it. Personally these bills need to go farther and ban the use of cell phones while a vehicle is in operation. The logic is the same for both bills. To prevent car accidents from distracted drivers.

3 Deadly Sins That Can Ruin Your Cincinnati Car Accident Claim

 So you were seriously hurt in a car accident. You just want what is fair. You want your medical bills paid, your time lost from work compensated and something for your pain and suffering. You do not see a problem in giving a taped statement.  In it you did not mention you hurt your back before in another car accident 10 years ago, but it has been fine for the last 9 years.

What a Cincinnati Attorney and Jerry Rice Have in Common

 Awhile back you may have seen a video that I did about what motivates me to fight hard for my clients.  (Confession of a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer. ) The bottom line was that I have a fear of failure. I know I'm not the smartest person out there, so my goal is to outwork and out prepare my opposition so my client's have the best chance of winning their case.


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