3 Deadly Sins That Can Ruin Your Cincinnati Car Accident Claim

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 So you were seriously hurt in a car accident. You just want what is fair. You want your medical bills paid, your time lost from work compensated and something for your pain and suffering. You do not see a problem in giving a taped statement.  In it you did not mention you hurt your back before in another car accident 10 years ago, but it has been fine for the last 9 years.

 Your doctor released you after epidural injections on your back help your disc injury from the car accident . But after a month the pain came back and you have not gone back to the doctor for 4 months even though you are in quite a bit of pain. The insurance company wants to settle, but for very little . Wonder why? Watch this to find out.

    The insurance company looked you up in their index and found out about your injury. They have you on tape lying or just forgetful. And you have not seen a doctor lately so they do not give much credibility  to your claim of pain. Will anyone?

By Antohny Castelli Cincinnati Mason car accident back injury attorney Call 621-2345 for help. Before it's too late