Texting and Driving a Deadly Epidemic in Cincinnati

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 Texting and Driving is becoming a deadly epidemic.  This inattention to the road is causing car accidents all over the nation. I submit it's becoming an epidemic in Cincinnati. How many times have you seen someone texting and driving? 

This is not meant to minimize the use of cell phones while driving. This is as dangerous. Especiallly the dialing piece . Again your eyes  are taken off the road. It only takes a split second for you to be killed or seriously injured, or worse kill or injure someone else.

 Just in the news was the sad story of David Muslovski who had been hit by a 19-year-old driver who was texting while driving.
David Muslovski suffered a massive hemorrhage from severely fractured pelvis and lacerated liver. He was dead in two hours. A life needlessly snuffed out and two families forever changed.

Emergency room personal have noticed the increase in serious injury from driving and texting. The statisics are sobering. The NHTSB says 28% of all traffic crashes are caused by drivers who are using cell phones or texting while behind the wheel, which is 1.6 million accidents per year.  And texters are keeping their eyes off the road for close to 5 seconds. To put that into perspective that's the length of a football field at 55 mph.

That's why I created a public service video about texting and driving .Pleas click on the link. There's no blood and guts , just a plea to stop.

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