Cincinnati Bus Accident Brake Failure is No Defense

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Recently a Cincinnati bus accident in the Walnut hills was reported by the local news services. They reported an SUV crashed into a bus at an intersection because of its brake failure. There was personal injury involved.

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have heard the brake defense before. It's a good thing the law has a doctrine called negligence per se that can only be defeated if it was impossible to comply and brake failure is determined not to be something that makes it impossible to drive at a safe speed or within an assured clear distance to avoid a car accident. So in other words people can not excuse their negligent conduct in driving and causing a car crash.

However the legislature now allows a defendant to prove some other cause was at fault and you may be able to only recover a portion of your injury damages attributable to the person you sued. So now even a simple car bus accident injury can be complicated. So the best thing an car crash injury victim can do is contact a personal injury lawyer to protect their rights to a just insurance settlement.

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