What a Cincinnati Attorney and Jerry Rice Have in Common

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 Awhile back you may have seen a video that I did about what motivates me to fight hard for my clients.  (Confession of a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer. ) The bottom line was that I have a fear of failure. I know I'm not the smartest person out there, so my goal is to outwork and out prepare my opposition so my client's have the best chance of winning their case. Face it, any trial lawyer that's been practicing 29 years and has had thousands of cases is not going to win every time. But if this happens to you , you don't want to look back and say you did not give 100%. The only thing that keeps from haunting you is the knowledge that you fought with all your heart and prepared with all your strength.  The confidence to go into a courtroom and do battle comes from hard work and preparation, weeks and months prior to the actual trial.  So I was elated to watch Jerry Rice's speech he gave uopn his induction in the football Hall of Fame. He said, " I wasn't the fastest reciever, but the reason no one caught me from behind is because I ran scared. That old fear of failure again." Watch Jerry's speech. by Cincinnati car truck motorcycle accident lawyer . Call Tony  for help at 513-621-2345