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Insurance Settlement for Injured Child $200,000 Expedited by Attorney

Press Release: Cincinnati, Ohio July 27,2012   Insurance settlements for injured children can drag on for ever sometimes. However this does not have to be the case. Recently I settled a car accident injury for a young girl that suffered a chip fracture of her cervical (neck )vertebra. In addition she had a compression fracture in her back and a scar over her left eye. Unfortunately there was no medical insurance to cover her bills , especially the large ones from Cincinnati Children's Hospitals. You may be interested in how we were able to get an insurance settlement within a year.

Cincinnati Walk Now For Autism Huge Success - Find Your Picture For Anthony Castelli Attorney Donation

The 2012 Cincinnati walk for Autism at Coney Island was a huge success. As a formal mental health worker at Longview and as a social worker for 241-kids I have been involved with many autistic children. 30 years ago the programs were not very effective. But now there are some great programs that show results.

Child Parent Safe Car Driving Contract by Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer

Teenage driving can end in a catastrophe. But is does not have to be that way. Even though the statistics are sobering. There are things you can do to heighten the awareness of your child auto driver.

We all know about the driver's education classes. The classes and seminars that some schools give. but this is where you should do more as a parent. Sure your child will be resistant at first. But your goal is to prevent their injury or injuring someone else seriously in a car accident. Be firm.

Cincinnati Child Injury Lawyer On Protecting Your Child

Do you know what to do if your child was injured in a car accident caused by the fault of you neighbor's child?

This scenario is played out over and over again.  Your child is coming home from a school dance and the driver causes an auto accident and your child is injured. Or your child is going to the movie on Saturday night and their boyfriend from school is driving and because of inattention causes a car crash causing your child an injury. Or your child gets a dog bite from a neighbor's dog.

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