Child Parent Safe Car Driving Contract by Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer

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Teenage driving can end in a catastrophe. But is does not have to be that way. Even though the statistics are sobering. There are things you can do to heighten the awareness of your child auto driver.

We all know about the driver's education classes. The classes and seminars that some schools give. but this is where you should do more as a parent. Sure your child will be resistant at first. But your goal is to prevent their injury or injuring someone else seriously in a car accident. Be firm.

This is an area you can surely get their attention. Just tell them until they sit down with you and go over your ground rules there will be no driving and no riding with other teenagers. I have created a page on my web site called Child Parent Safe Car Driving Contact Download by Cincinnati Lawyer

This is where you can go to find statistics to back you up. More importantly this is where you can download the Child parent safe car driving contract. Do this and hopefully you won't need a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer