Insurance Settlement for Injured Child $200,000 Expedited by Attorney

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Press Release: Cincinnati, Ohio July 27,2012   Insurance settlements for injured children can drag on for ever sometimes. However this does not have to be the case. Recently I settled a car accident injury for a young girl that suffered a chip fracture of her cervical (neck )vertebra. In addition she had a compression fracture in her back and a scar over her left eye. Unfortunately there was no medical insurance to cover her bills , especially the large ones from Cincinnati Children's Hospitals. You may be interested in how we were able to get an insurance settlement within a year. Here is how we did it. We made an effort to get all records and bills as soon as possible. The initial inpatient  hospital charges were close to $65,000. We documented her injury with pictures that we furnished to the insurance company. We furnished the medical records and got a comprehensive report from her doctor. We also got the insurance company to disclose all liability insurance policies that covered the car driver that caused the accident. Given all that information and documentation we provided to the insurance company they could see that the injures and damages warranted a settlement for the policy limits. When you can get the policy limits and there is no other coverage available or assets of the defendat there is no reason to wait forever. We even got the settlement through probate court in just several weeks. (minors claims in Ohio have to be approved by the probate Court.) In addition, we worked out a structured settlement so all the money would not go to the child at age 18 and  possibly be squandered. We worked out a plan that would provide for any future medical bills and give the young lady a significant amount of money at age 18, but not the bulk of it. Finally we got the medical providers to give a reduction in their bills. As a word of caution , not every case is the same. This result does not imply that the same result can be gotten for you injured child. But there are certain steps that must taken to protect your child's rigtht to full compensation. If your child was seriously injured by the fault of another, I'm here to answer your questions and help you any way I can. Call or fill out the simple contact form and I will respond to you personally. Anthony Castelli Attorney  accident and injury law Cincinnati, Ohio 513-621-2345