Cincinnati Child Injury Lawyer On Protecting Your Child

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Do you know what to do if your child was injured in a car accident caused by the fault of you neighbor's child?

This scenario is played out over and over again.  Your child is coming home from a school dance and the driver causes an auto accident and your child is injured. Or your child is going to the movie on Saturday night and their boyfriend from school is driving and because of inattention causes a car crash causing your child an injury. Or your child gets a dog bite from a neighbor's dog.

Here are the steps you may want to take to your protect your child after they were hurt in an accident (click).

There are many other circumstances were you child could be injured or heaven forbid even caused death. It's one thing to pick up the pieces after an injury or death. But possibly you could intervene ahead of the injury and prevent it from happening. Here's a child safety resource link I created on protecting your child from injury.

I did not recreate the wheel with this page. But  as an email subscriber to and I thought I would share their resources with you. They touch on just about every aspect of where your child can be injured and how to prevent it.

There's resources on preventing burn injury, auto injury, water injury , fire safety, sports injury, just about any thing you can think of and more importantly those things you don't think of.  There are many places and many ways apparently supposedly safe toys or products can cause injury.It's daunting to realize how many ways your child could be injured . I suggest you read an article every week at least.

If you feel you need help with a child injury or have questions I welcome you to call me Anthony Castelli a Cincinnati child injury lawyer at 1-800-447-6549 for a no cost consultation.