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Cincinnati Attorney Meets Legenday Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence

As a personal injury attorney meeting top legendary trial attorney Gerry Spence was a highlight of my professional career. Spence was the keynote speaker at the American Association for Justice Education's Weekend with the Stars Seminar. Not only did I get to meet him, he also signed his book "Winning Your Case" and was kind enough to let me have a picture with him.

Anthony Castelli meets Gerry Spence

Self Driving Cars and the Future of Ohio Travel

Self driving cars are the new rage. Read any magazine or newspaper and you'll see at least one article touting the potential future of self driving cars soon to come to America's roads. Now, it's not certain and it could take longer or shorter than anticipated. Still, that's not keeping scientists, the press, and the general public from estimating such cars entering the market anywhere from 2015 to 2020. Some estimates even have the majority of cars sold becoming the self driving variety by 2030. Google is perhaps the most visible of the new players aiming for the self driving car crown.

Injured by Another's Carelessnes - You Won't Have to fight Big Insurance Alone

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I know that if you have been seriously injured by the fault of  another you probably are wondering what to do. Should you deal with the insurance company on you own?  Can you afford to hire an attorney. What about all these strange calls you  have been getting?  How about all these letters from lawyers? And the bills are mounting up. And the doctor is really not getting me any better. Who can I trust ? Where can I turn.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Rates Accident Injury Insurance Companies

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Rates Accident Injury Insurance Companies

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for over 30 years you get to know the accident injury liability insurances companies. Some just want to play hard ball and force you to push the case to the Court house steps , if not a trial, in order to get fair personal injury compensation for my injured client.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Accredited By Better Business Bureau


Press Release : Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli was recently accredited by the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau. Prior to applying for the rating Anthony Castelli Attorney had and continues with an A+ rating , the highest rating awarded to businesses by the Better Business Bureau.

Accreditation and ratings are different aspects of the Better Business Bureau information to the public about businesses.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Webinar on Ohio Personal Injury Law

As Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I like to help inform the public on timely personal injury issues.  You may be interested in a webinar I'm planning for Tuesday evening  8 pm starting January 9, 2012. The title is Critical Facts About Your Ohio  Personal  Injury case. You should be seeing press releases on the subject shortly. The plan is to  record this on blog talk radio . Or at least record one live show for repeating.

Personal Injury Lawyers What Do They Do by Cincinnati Personal injury Lawyer

I have a personal injury claim or have been in a car accident and would like to know , What do personal injury lawyers Do. As a  personal injury lawyer I have been asked this question several times by people with a personal injury claim, usually a car accident claim. Instead of telling you what I do I surveyed personal injury lawyers from across the country by searching for them on google.


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