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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer on Scam Phone Calls After a Car Accident Injury

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have had clients tell me about all the letter in the mail from lawyers and chiropractors. Many feel this is an invasion of privacy. I have seen some letters that actually provide some good information , but not many. Most of them invite you to a free consultation or free check up. But what is really disturbing is the phone calls to injury victims soliciting them to come to a doctors visit. These are agencies that some, usually chiropractors, hire to get you in their door.

Personal Injury Attorney on Fatal Car Crash in the News

As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney I am acutely aware of the carnage on our streets from car accidents that could have been prevented. It's tragic when I hear "I've was seriously injured in car accident, what steps should I take." Just recently I read about a truck driver that caused an accident because they were driving under the influence. No it was not driving drunk, it was apparently driving drugged.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney On Client Funding Medical Care

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for over 30 years I have seen many clients with out medical insurance. The issue then is how do they get proper treatment? There are several ways a savvy accident injury lawyer can help.

Help For Accident Victims With No Insurance

If this is a life threatening injury you should go  to University of Cincinnati  Hospital. They are duty bound yo help you. Then for follow up you get treated in their clinics. You can also try to get on medicaid if your finanacial and medical circumstances permit it.

My Treating Doctor's Notes Contradict his Opinion What Can I Do

If you are involved in a personal injury case your treating doctor is a critical witness. That makes his records critical pieces of evidence. Normally a personal injury lawyer will have your doctor write a report about the nature and extent of the injuries he treated that were hurt in your car accident or other accident injury case.

Depuy Hip Implant Recall Help & What to Do

Johnson and Johnson the owner of Depuy has issued a recall on their Depuy hip Implant. There are multiple claims all across the country regarding this dangerously defective hip implant. Immediately below is what Depuy says on their own web site. DePuy makes patient safety and health a top priority and is continually evaluating data about its products. The DePuy ASR Hip is one of many hip replacements available from DePuy Orthopaedics. Most ASR hip replacement surgeries have been successful.

You Could BE Dead Before This Smoke Detector Goes Off Says Cincinnati Lawyer

 Many people do not know that there are two types of smoke detectors. Get the wrong kind and you could be dead from smoke inhalation before it goes off. The two kinds of smoke detectors are photoelectric and ionic. The ionic one detects small particles found in flame or small cooking smoke.

 The photoelectic detects large particles found in smoke. Especially smouldering fires that are especially deadly causing smoke inhalation. The ionic smoke detector is not likely to go off, if at all,  until  you died in you sleep .

Smoke Detectors Can Prevent Fire Injury

 Whenever I see that a fire injured someone I wonder whether the Smoke detectors were working and could have prevented personal injury. Yesterday I concluded a case in mediation where a young man was seriously burned in an apartment fire. The money he will get will help some , but pales in significance to his injury. There was no dispute that the fire detector did not work. Depending on the facts the landlord may or may not be responsible and liable for tenant injury for the failure of a smoke detector.

T0p 5 Reasons to Hire a Cincinnati Car Accident Injury Lawyer

 In all cases you may not need a lawyer. But if you are seriously insured here are 5 top reasons to hire a car accident personal injury lawyer. If you look hard enough you can find these reasons in insurance company manuals that teach adjustors to keep injury victims away from attorneys.

 1. A personal injury lawyer should have a lot of knowledge of what similar cases have settled for and can provide usable statistics to the client to help determine a fair settlement range.


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