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Ohio Meningitis Update for Warren Hamilton Marion Morrow Crawford County

The meningitis toll now has risen to 9 in the State of Ohio according to the Ohio Department of Health. This up from 7 a mere 24 hours ago . Warren County, Ohio has reported their first person with fungal meningitis. Hamilton county had previously reported one person with the disease as a result of the tainted steroid shots compounded by the New England Compounding Center .


Ohio Menigitis Outbreak by the Numbers and Counties


Here is the current toll in Ohio as of 10/17/2102 5:30 PM EST

Cincinnati Meningitis Attorney Five Critical Facts

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer reviewing meningitis outbreak cases for legal redress there are certain questions I have for people that have received the tainted drug. There are also questions I have for the medical community. And then there are critical things to know about this outbreak.


5 Critical Facts About Fungal Meningitis



 1. This disease can cause stroke and death.


Cincinnati Pain Management - Did Contribute to the Spread of Meningitis Says Attorney

The Cincinnati Pain Management Consultants in Ohio on Cornell Road have been implicated by the Center for Disease control as having injected the tainted steroid batches compounded by the NECC . The first article on the subject incorrectly had stated this terribly misleading incorrect headline:

Local clinic got meningitis-linked steroids

But unlikely local patients received doses.    

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