Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Update

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As an Ohio personal injury attorney and with an office close to one of the facilities alleged to have purchased some of the

Epidural steroid tainted

tainted steroid from the New England Compounding Center I wanted to provide you with this update on the outbreak of meningitis.

The toll now is 12 dead and 137 infected the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. this is a slight increase from the last update of 119 confirmed cases in 10 states.



If you believe you have been infected get to your doctor immediately.

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The states where the fungal meningitis has been identified in the outbreak are:


 States With Outbreak of Fungal Meningitis


  Ohio      Florida     Indiana     Maryland     Michigan

  Tennessee     Virginia     New Jersey

 Minnesota    North Carolina


Tennessee so far appears to have been the hardest hit State. Officials are reporting that at least 36 people in Ohio have received the injections. The injections were for back pain and are called epidural steroid injections. It is anticipated that more cases will be reported as the time from injection to symptoms can range up to and even exceed 30 days.

Dr. William Schaffner, who has been tracking the outbreak at the Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, Tenn., said the sooner they find the infected, the better the odds of recovery.


"Whether each and every vial was contaminated is not known. But we have an increasing number of patients who are being infected," he said.

Symptoms include: fever, headache, stiff neck and confusion.

Seventy-six facilities in 23 states received the contaminated product, which was shipped from the New England Compounding Center. Injections may have started as early as May 21. (as reported by CBS news)

The New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Mass., made a steroid used in contaminated injections tied to the outbreak. Ohio has suspended the Ohio distribution license of a Massachusetts pharmacy linked to a meningitis outbreak.

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy’s director says the board on Tuesday suspended the pharmacy’s license to distribute in Ohio after seeing evidence that its professional practice presented a danger of immediate and serious harm to others.

State health officials on Wednesday revised the number of Ohio patients who received potentially contaminated injections from 430 to 424. The Ohio health department says 410 have been contacted. here is a link to the latest press release put out by the Ohio department of Health


Anthony Castelli is monitoring this outbreak . His office is only a few minutes from one of the facilities that purchased the steroid. He is offering free consultation to people injected with the tainted drug through epidural steroid injections.

Call Anthony today at 1-800-447-6549 0r 513-621-2345

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