Cincinnati Pain Management - Did Contribute to the Spread of Meningitis Says Attorney

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The Cincinnati Pain Management Consultants in Ohio on Cornell Road have been implicated by the Center for Disease control as having injected the tainted steroid batches compounded by the NECC . The first article on the subject incorrectly had stated this terribly misleading incorrect headline:

Local clinic got meningitis-linked steroids

But unlikely local patients received doses.    

See for yourself at this link That's from the article atributed to Janet Morse of .  There has been no retraction by Janet Morse or that I saw. Maybe I missed it


In fact, Reports From CDC and Hamilton County Health Department confirm Cincinnati Pain Management injected tainted Steroid. This is what Bill Price reported of

"Hamilton County Public Health officials confirmed the Tri-State victim received an injection at Cincinnati Pain Management in Sycamore Township. He is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital, but no information on his condition has been released.

Over 200 patients at the Cincinnati Pain Management clinic have been contacted by Hamilton County Public Health. So far, the Springfield Township man in the only person in Hamilton County to have developed a confirmed case of fungal meningitis."

In addition, CDC and state health departments have released the names of approximately 75 healthcare facilities in 23 states that have received contaminated product." One was the Cincinnati Pain Management Center.


  Who is Cincinnati Pain Management Center

They do have a web presence If you search this site there you see this in one link:

Our Physicians
Pain management is a very important part of the overall wellness of our patients.  We are dedicated to providing the best medical care possible.  We are proud of our staff and invite you to get to know us better.  Clicking on the names will open a new window containing information about our doctors.
Atul Chandoke, M.D.
James M. Molnar, M.D.
Gururau Sudarshan, M.D.
Ann Tuttle, M.D.

They also have another link on their site where these four doctors along with others apparently have a separate anethesia practice.  These four doctors listed above  are anesthesiologists and the only doctors listed on the Cincinnati Pain  management center web site. My initial questions for them is;

Was Dr Chandoke misquoted, misinformed or did he make the statement as reported.

Why did they use NECC as a source of the steroid?

What checks did they go through to see that the steroid was safely prepared?

How much did an injection cost?

Did they prepare a prescription and purchase the steroid per patient or in bulk?

Were their any intermediaries involved?

Have you been able to reach all of the patients injected?


  Should I get a Lawyer's Help and How Can I Afford It

Most if not all lawyers that are investigating these case will take them on a contingency fee. and they will advance expenses of litigation. The first lawsuit against NECC has already been filed. Don't you think NECC ,  and the whole chain of distibution have lawyered up. If you received an injection of steroids made by NECC since May 21 by Cincinnati Pain Management you may be at  serious.risk.


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