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Cincinnati Lawyers Says Your Car Accident Insurance May Not Protect Your Family

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer it never ceases to amaze be how insurance companies offer car insurance with loopholes. What's worse the legislature and the Courts have permitted this. Would you be surprised to know that if you were negligent and hurt a family member your policy probably does not protect you, nor cover your family members injuries. Isn't it the law that you have to drive with insurance.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney Uses Facebook To Educate

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I really enjoy my presence on facebook. If you have seen any of my posts or pages I hope in some way they have either educated you , informed you or at least made you smile.

My first experience was with my personal page for Tony Castelli A lot of that page is anything that happens to interest me . You will also see a lot of youtube videos. There are some really quirky ones like James Brown duet with Pavorati.

Insurance Pain and Suffering Settlement Calculator Don't Pay

Many personal injury victims rightfully want to know what is their personal injury insurance claim is worth. Or they want to know how much they should get for pain and suffering. I have written several blog articles on this subject of what you claim is worth and how is it calculated .

One article I wrote was for the web site all about car accidents

Choosing a Television Lawyer - Are TV Lawyers the Best?

So you saw a lawyer on television yesterday. You may be saying to yourself is this attorney really the best attorney for my personal injury case. After all they are on television. Television advertising costs a lot of money. So any lawyer that advetises must be very successful to be able to pay for the advertising. The lawyer may very well be successful, if you judge success by the money they make. But will this lawyer be a success for you? Who really knows just from a television commercial. There are so many lawyers to choose from , choosing the one you see on TV makes your choice easy.

Veterans Disability Benefits - Getting a Fair Rating Total Disability

Many veterans are entitled to service connected disability benefits . However their ratings are often lower that they should be . This makes it a problem for those seeking Total disability individual unemployability.

One of the critical problems is getting doctors and psychologists to give the appropriate rating. There are two ways a veteran can be rated for total disability . A finding that his disability is 100% rated is one way for a veteran to get total disability.

Dog Bite Injury Steps You Must Take

In todays Enquirer there was a report of two pit pulls attacking an 11 year old. The dogs , running loose attempted to run into the child's home. He ran to his grandfather who save him but the dogs got away. This child will not be abe to bring any claim for his injuries unlesss the dog's owner , harboror or keeper have been identified.

The Hamilton county sherrif is asking anyone with knowledge to call them at 513-825-1500.
When pit bulls or dangerous breeds attack their can be criminal as well as civil liability.

Car Insurance Settlement Help Allstate Secrets by Cincinnati Lawyer

 So you have been injured in a car accident. What should you do. The lawyers are telling you to hire them. The insurance company is telling you not to hire a lawyer it's not necessary. Who do you believe? For the fourth quarter 2009  Allstate made $518,000,000.00. I don't think they are hurting. You can also go to their site www.allstate.com and dig out documents that reveal they had a consistent plan to keep car accident injury claimants from attorneys.

T0p 5 Reasons to Hire a Cincinnati Car Accident Injury Lawyer

 In all cases you may not need a lawyer. But if you are seriously insured here are 5 top reasons to hire a car accident personal injury lawyer. If you look hard enough you can find these reasons in insurance company manuals that teach adjustors to keep injury victims away from attorneys.

 1. A personal injury lawyer should have a lot of knowledge of what similar cases have settled for and can provide usable statistics to the client to help determine a fair settlement range.

Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer Announces New Updated Web Site

Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli Announces new update to his web site.

After many  months of work my new updated web site is live. The focus of the web site is educational articles videos and free ebooks about car accident injury insurance claims and other motor vehicle accidents and injuries such as truck accidents motorcycle accidents and other personal injury claims.


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