Insurance Pain and Suffering Settlement Calculator Don't Pay

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Many personal injury victims rightfully want to know what is their personal injury insurance claim is worth. Or they want to know how much they should get for pain and suffering. I have written several blog articles on this subject of what you claim is worth and how is it calculated .

One article I wrote was for the web site all about car accidents

Another article on insurance damages calculator stated that the civil jury is the ultimate damage calculator. Ever wonder why big insurance and the chamber of commerce want to limit your right to a personal injury trial. It's because they don't want fairness and justice to apply to them. They don't want a check and balance on their harmful activity. They are afraid you will get the compensation you deserve to make you whole.

There are many links that portray themselves as settlement calculators. But many are just come ons to sell you a book or something else you really don't need.

One site bills itself as the premier information source for auto accident claims. It provides a calculator where you fill in medical bills, lost wages , car damage and rental. I put in the figures of $25 for rental car, $7000 medical bills , $6600 lost wages and $5000 car damage. It valued the claim between $33,347 and $60,012.

To show how ridiculous this is I changed the rental to $500. The value increased to $34,289-$61,910. So an increase on the low end by $942 and on the high end by $1898, for a $500 increase in rental. How could an increase in the rental value increase the value of the claim by any more than what you paid to rent a car , presumably while your car was being fixed. It can not.

The site goes on to state, In order to understand how the formula works and in order to determine the exact value of your claim, order the book "Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim."
As I said they want to sell you a book .

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