T0p 5 Reasons to Hire a Cincinnati Car Accident Injury Lawyer

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 In all cases you may not need a lawyer. But if you are seriously insured here are 5 top reasons to hire a car accident personal injury lawyer. If you look hard enough you can find these reasons in insurance company manuals that teach adjustors to keep injury victims away from attorneys.

 1. A personal injury lawyer should have a lot of knowledge of what similar cases have settled for and can provide usable statistics to the client to help determine a fair settlement range.

2.  A car accident personal injury lawyer has an ethical responsibilitiy to advance his client's interests , while an adjustor owes his allegiance to the insurance company. If the insurance company offers a lowball offer an attorney can rejcet it and file suit. If you are unrepresented you are stuck with what the insuance company offers.

3. If a lawyer makes a mistake his client can be compensated for it. But if an unrepresented party allows a mistake to occur that could be the end of their case.

4. If you are unrepresented you really do not have anyone to explain your rights and options and keep you from making mistakes that hurt your case.

5 Represented claimants in many cases, according to insurance company documents may get 2-3 times the settlement amount unrepresented accident injury victims get.

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