Will My Personal Injury case Have to Go To Trial

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As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I am often asked the following question, "If I hire an attorney will my accident injury case have to go to trial." Many injury victims view a trial as something to be feared, that they will be questioned relentlessly, they will be embarrassed and it's just to much trouble.

The short answer is that most personal injury cases do not go to trial. In fact less that 50% of my personal injury cases actually get filed in court. One of the reasons for this is that your lawyer needs to prepare every case as if its going to trial. When the insurance company sees this work they know that you are prepared and ready to take the case to trial if they do not come up with a fair offer. So they usually come up with a fair offer.

In fact, most personal injury cases do not get filed into court for the very same reason. Hard work and preparation by your attorney helps get the insurance company to resolve the case. So don't fear hiring an attorney because your case may get files and go to trial. It's rare for a claim to go to trial, but you certainly want an personal injury trial lawyer if you have a serious case so they can be prepared for every eventuality and help you get what's fair compensation for your injury.

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