Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer on Scam Phone Calls After a Car Accident Injury

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As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have had clients tell me about all the letter in the mail from lawyers and chiropractors. Many feel this is an invasion of privacy. I have seen some letters that actually provide some good information , but not many. Most of them invite you to a free consultation or free check up. But what is really disturbing is the phone calls to injury victims soliciting them to come to a doctors visit. These are agencies that some, usually chiropractors, hire to get you in their door. Much of what is said can be misleading. I called one of these place up , after a potential client told me about a call they received They said there would be no cost associated. They would send transportation if  I needed it. They even acted like it was for insurance purposes. I give the person that hired them th benfit of the doubt. maybe they don't know what is being said, but now you know. If you take them up on their offer,  just think if your case goes to lawsuit what could happen. The defense insurance  lawyer asks you in your personal injury case deposition how you found this doctor. Your answer is they hired some one who looked up the police reports and called me. Now your case sounds made up . Please consider the ramifications when you receive a solicitation call like that. You are much better off scheduling an appointment with your family doctor. They can help guide your treatment in the right direction. For more information if you have injuries caused in a car accident or other type of mishap caused by the fault of  another contact Anthony Castelli attorney Cincinnati personal injury lawyer. He welcomes your call to 513-621-2345 and will speak with you personally to answer your question at no charge and if your case merits his help he will work on a contingency fee.