Find In Cincinnati a Great doctor For Your Personal Injury Nerve Compression

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Finding a great doctor is not always easy. Finding the right doctor for your personal injury can even be more difficult if it is a personal injury claim. Many doctors think they are going to be hassled by lawyers. But most Doctors with care for their patient and confidence in themselves know it goes with the territory.

Recently I took a friend to see a hand specialist for ulnar nerve entrapment or cubital tunnel syndrome. This is caused by trauma to the elbow or repetitive pressure on the ulnar nerve. The nerve that runs under the elbow.

A neurosurgeon had give my friend a dire prognosis. One that left him with little hope. But the injury is really not the neurosurgeon's realm. It is more the realm of a hand surgeon. As I read in the literature from the Hand Surgery Specialists they provide shoulder to fingertip care. They have specific training in the care of upper extremity disorders.

I am very familiar with this group as they have treated many of my clients. Their records and reports were accurate and their treatment was top notch for my clients. So it was not by accident that my friend went to see Dr John Mcdonough, a wonderful and compassionate doctor.

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