Child Injury - Watch Out For Dangerous Toys Part II by Accident Lawyer Anthony Castelli

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Whirly wheel child injury lead hazard

Whirley wheel child injury hazard

This is part two of a series on dangerous toys that are out there in the market place that can cause your child a personal injury even death in some cases. Much of this material is taken from a 2011 Study called Trouble in Toyland 2011. This study identified four major hazards about certain toys : strangulation, toxins,  choking and excessive loudness.

Part I in our series included coverages on one of the toxins and two of the toys that had something in them called philates. Click on this link to read the first part of the series on My Child Injury at my blog CincinnatiPersonal Injury and Accident Attorney .

The second toxin dealt with was lead. The dangers of lead based poisoning in children has been known for some time. One of the well known hazards is paints chips in older apartments and houses. But the recent report implicated several toys.

Lead was banned in the US in 1978 from house paint, dishes and products marketed to children. Lead can cause IQ and attention deficits, hyperactivity, impairment of hand eye coordination as well as permanent brain damage and death. The consumer product safety commission has issued standards regarding lead. Toys containing 100 ppm are now banned. In the past year nearly 200,00 toys were banned. However the Ohio research institute found three toys with lead in them that exceeded the 100 ppm standard. The toys are as follows:

  • Lead hazard for child injury
  • 1. Little Hands Love Book    300 PPM
  • 2. Whirly Wheel                    300 PPM  
  • 3. Spritz medals                   140 PPM

You can see these toys look harmless. There is nothing to indicate there is lead inside these toys that could cause significant damage to your child. If you have any suspicion at all that your child has put something in their mouth that you later learn had lead content make sure you take them to Cincinnati Children's hospital to be tested. If you have any questions contact  Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli Attorney  at 513-621-2345

Child injury lead hazard toy

Child injury lead hazard toy

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