Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney On Client Funding Medical Care

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As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer for over 30 years I have seen many clients with out medical insurance. The issue then is how do they get proper treatment? There are several ways a savvy accident injury lawyer can help.

Help For Accident Victims With No Insurance

If this is a life threatening injury you should go  to University of Cincinnati  Hospital. They are duty bound yo help you. Then for follow up you get treated in their clinics. You can also try to get on medicaid if your finanacial and medical circumstances permit it.

Some medical providers will take letters of protection. This  means that if you have a personal injury your doctor will defer their bill if you promise to pay then out of the recovery for your personal injuries. Your lawyer will have to write this letter to them.

Another way is client funding businesses. These are businesses that will give you a cash advance on your case. The interest rates are quite high and are graduated, based upon how soon you pay back the funding source. These should be used sparingly since the cost of the money is so expensive.

There are also some places that actually contract with medical providers to pay them directly. They pay at a greatly reduced rate and then expect  you to pay them the total amount of the bill . This is not a bad way to go since it's more in line with the real cost of medical care.

As a Cincinnati personal injury attorney I would be glad to assist in getting you medical care if you are not insured. Just so you know ethically we can not loan you money or pay for your medical care. A personal injuries lawyer can only advance the costs of litigation. In the appropriate case this can be a medical legal evaluation , but not treatment.