My Treating Doctor's Notes Contradict his Opinion What Can I Do

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If you are involved in a personal injury case your treating doctor is a critical witness. That makes his records critical pieces of evidence. Normally a personal injury lawyer will have your doctor write a report about the nature and extent of the injuries he treated that were hurt in your car accident or other accident injury case.

It is critical to closely review your doctor's records to see if they contradict anything in their report. For instance your doctor might say, "patient is doing well after surgery" in their office notes. But even after back surgery for a herniated disc or even more invasive fusion surgery on your neck or back you may have permanent limitations that the doctor notes in his report.

The fact that your doctor said you were doing well after a surgery does not necessarily contradict permanent restriction on your ability to lift, carry and stand for extended period of times. It will be important though for your lawyer to bring that out with the doctor. They could simply ask, "does the fact that you said they were doing well after surgery contradict your report or testimony?" And when the doctor asnwers no ask them why. Of course your lawyer should prepare your doctor for the questions they will ask .

Preparation and attention to detail are often the difference between a victim of personal injury getting a substantial settlement or one that's not rewarding. To get your questions answered on Ohio accident injurylaw click find a Cincinnati Personal injury lawyer