You Could BE Dead Before This Smoke Detector Goes Off Says Cincinnati Lawyer

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 Many people do not know that there are two types of smoke detectors. Get the wrong kind and you could be dead from smoke inhalation before it goes off. The two kinds of smoke detectors are photoelectric and ionic. The ionic one detects small particles found in flame or small cooking smoke.

 The photoelectic detects large particles found in smoke. Especially smouldering fires that are especially deadly causing smoke inhalation. The ionic smoke detector is not likely to go off, if at all,  until  you died in you sleep .

 I learned this from a childhood friend Dean Dennis. His name was given to me as a contact who could help me find the best experts regarding a fire case where careless smoking was the initial cause. But everyone agreed the smoke detector did not go off. One man was killed by smoke inhalation and his son was badly burned and suffered smoke inhalation.

Here is link to the presentation Dean Dennis and Doug Turnbull gave about smoke detectors at the 

World safety Fire foundation at the University of Cincinnati.

Here is a link to their web page "Fathers for Fire Safety"   Both of these men and their families lost a daughter due to smoke inhalation from a fire in a residential apartment where there were 20 ionic working smoke detectors.

Their efforts are making a positive difference . They quietly and humbly go about the business of public education and community change

Here's what the southwest Ohio fire safety council says on smoke detector usage

Contact Doug or Dean if you have questions about smoke detectors and how best to protect your family. Make sure you have photoelectric smoke detectors in the approriate places in your home. You can supplement them with ionic.

by Anthony Castelli