Cincinnati Attorney On Ohio Texting Law and How To Keep Your Teenager Safe

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Ohio recently passed its texting and electronic device use while driving law. In the wake of  a new government survey that over 1/2 of teenagers admitted testing while driving this law could be a big deterrent.


  How The Ohio Texting Law Works

Teenagers are banned from using all electronic devices while driving. Adults are banned from texting while driving. For teenagers it is a primary offense and for adults secondary. This means teens can be pulled over if this is the only violation, while adults can be pulled over only if there is another violation.


The penalties are a $150 fine and driving suspension for 30 days on the first offense. The second offense carries a $300 fine and possible one year driving suspension.


 How To Protect Your Teen and Get Them to Comply


Tell them that they could go to jail if they cause and accident especially a death. There have been criminal convictions for those guilty of causing a motor vehicle collision while texting. Also get them to sign the parent teen safe car driving contract available at my web site Anthony Castelli Accident and Injury Attorney.

This law has been long in coming for the state of Ohio.  Ohio is the 39th State to enact this kind of law. Just today in the Cincinnati enquirer Ray Lahood US transportation secretary was quoted that he was going to pressure the states to do more. This of course is done by awarding or withholding money to the States.

Remember adults are also guilty of distracted driving. if your teen sees you using you cell phone in the car, what message are you sending.

by Anthony Castelli attorney. If you are seriously  insured in a car accident due to distracted driving of another or the fault of any kind  I would be happy to speak with you at no charge to see how I can help.  Call for my legal help 621-245