Lawyer Law Degree Appears Bogus - Don't Let This Happen to You

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The Cincinnati Enquirer reported today that a man, Kelly F Fullmer, had been practicing law for 4 years in Kentucky was not a licensed lawyer. Another lawyer caught on and found that Fullmer had done sloppy work and there was money missing from an estate. $449,301 was given back by Fullmer to the Court four days after attorney Ed Monohan asked a judge to have Fullmer turn over the money. What a break and great work by Attorney Ed Monohan who brought this to the court's attention when a woman came to his office unhappy with Fullmer's representation. This can be prevented by thoroughly investigating the attorney you hire . Generally you can call the Supreme Court of the state involved or go to a web site to see if the person is actually an attorney. If they are in Ohio you can call the Ohio supreme court and they can tell you if the person is in good standing and whether they have ever had disciplinary action. You can even find out what the nature of the offense was that they were discplined for. Her is the link to go to if your case involves Ohio. Here are the steps to follow: 1. Put in the person's name. If it does not come up call the Supreme Court to make sure. 2 If the name does come up click on the registration number. 3. This will take you to the attorney information page for that attorney. It will tell you if they are active(may practice law in Ohio) and if there has been discipline. It will give the law school and year of Admission as a lawyer in Ohio. 4. If there was discipline you can click on a bar to see a partial detail. The phone number to call is 1-614-387-9320 Office of attorney services if you have any questions about whether the person you are dealing with is really an attorney and whether they havw a prior history. By Cincinnati personal injury accident attorney Anthony Castelli