Why a Cincinnati Constuction Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Injury Claim

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Constructin accident injury

Cincinnati construction injury

A Cincinnati construction accident lawyer can help your injury claim if you were seriously injured while working in a construction accident. The first word to focus on is serious injury. I do not handle insignificant injuries. I try to limit my practice to serious injury where my Cincinnati personal injury lawyer skills can make a difference in the amount of compensation you can recover. You deserve maximum compensation in your pocket. Big settlements and verdicts are no good for you unless you get to take home an amount of money that can put you back on your feet financially and make up for your injury. Insurance company articles and studies suggest that lawyer retained cases can cost them 2 to 3 times what they would pay otherwise. Although there can be no guarantees my goal is to put at least twice as much in your pocket as you could have done if you had represented yourself. Not all construction accident injury lawyers know the interplay between the workers compensation law and the claims made against third parties that cause your injury. One of the benefits of hiring a lawyer that does personal injury cases and is certified by the OSBA in Ohio workers compensation like me is that only one lawyer is necessary. That way you only have to deal with one lawyer. That lawyer can control what information is created in your workers compensation claim and what information is created in your personal injury claim if a third party was responsible for you injury. This is true, for example, if you work for a contractor and a subcontactor caused your personal injury construction accident. In fact there are multiple ways you may have a claim for Ohio workers compensation benfits and a claim for your personal injury. Believe that the Ohio workers compensation system does not come close to making you whole for your injury. so it's vitally importat to look for other avenues of recovery Contact me today for a free consultation. Delay can ruin your case. Don't let yourself be a victim twice.