Beware of this Insurance Company Quick Injury Settlement Dirty Trick

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In the following video, Cincinnati personal injury attorney Anthony Castelli explains a dirty trick used by insurance companies to minimize the amount of money they must pay after your injury.

It's important to remember that the insurance company isn't on your side. Their primary motivation is to protect their profit margin, not to help you in your time of need. In order to ensure that you're treated fairly by your insurance company, you should always consult an experienced personal injury lawyer who can fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve.

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AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION: Beware of This Insurance Company Quick Injury Settlement Dirty Trick

Hi.  I’m Tony Castelli, a Cincinnati personal injury attorney.  My topic today is the insurance companies’ biggest scam.  What that used to be called is the “love affair” by my old boss. 

You get in an accident and the insurance company calls you up, they take care of your car.  Then they say “We’re going to take care of your medical bills up to the tune of, let’s say, $2,000.  And we are going to send you a check for your pain and suffering.” 

And they send you a check, $500.  You sign the check.  You sign the release that goes with it.  And your case is over with. 

The problem comes in is that you’ve got a serious back injury and it didn’t get better in a week, or two weeks or with $2,000 of medical treatment.  And now you’ve got no case.  Your case is over.  The insurance company is laughing at you. 

You can call them up and say “Hey, I still have a back problem” and they will tell you “You’ve settled your case.  You sent the release back.  You cashed the check and you are out of luck.” 

Don’t fall for this insurance company’s dirty trick.  When they call you and tell you they will write you a check for $500, will pay some medical bills up to $2,000, tell them no.  Tell them that you are going to talk to an attorney, you’re going to see what their advice is.  Any good personal injury attorney will give you a free consultation.  And if you got a significant case, you want to find somebody that is going to be on your side.  Otherwise, you might as well just have taken that insurance company low ball offer, because that is what you are going to be stuck with. 

That’s my advice for the day.  Don’t be fooled by the insurance company dirty trick.  Thank you very much and good luck.