Anthony Castelli Attorney Calls For Justice For Injury Victims

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If you have come here because you were harmed by the carelessness of another, my fervent  hope for you is




If you are seeking revenge, retribution, a penny more than what is right and just I can not help you.  But if you have come here for Justice my promise to you is that I will fight with all my heart to get you just compensation in money damages.

You may have been harmed irretrievably with a permanent injury or with the unnecessary death of a loved one. I know that money will never be able to make up for your loss. Those that have gotten full and fair compensation for their harm would gladly trade the money to go back in time and have their health or their loved one back.

I will listen to your needs, offer you my helping hand, my advice and counsel and seek to solve any problems you come across. I will demand that your are treated with courtesy and dignity. In the end what I seek for you is



Justiceor injury Victims Justice                JUSTICE