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As a Cincinnati accident attorney I know car accident injury victims need good information so that they can protect their rights. That is why I am releasing my video library to the consuming public. It contains 12 videos about personal injury recorded for the injury victim. If you are injured in a car accident and are considering a Cincinnati accident attorney this inormation will help you.


You will learn information on the following topics:

What Can I Recover From a Personal Injury Case

Insurance Company Quick Settlement Dirty Tricks

Cincinnati Ohio Injury Attorney Explains Contingency Fee

How to Hire an Accident Attorney Without Paying a Hourly Fee

Two Critical Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make

Cincinnati Car Accident Victim Medical Bills Who Pays

How To Cross Examine the Defense Doctor

Trial of the Personal Injury Case Putting the Focus on the Victim

How an Allstate Policy of $25,000 was Turned into $100,000.

Do I need an Attorney to Settle My Ohio Personal injury Case

How to Hire a Great Personal Injury Attorney ( Book Available )

What You Will Learn About Car Accident Claims

You will learn that not every case requires an accident attorney. You will also learn when it is critical to hire a great personal injury lawyer and why. 

You will learn that one of the favorite tricks of liability car insurance is to make you a quick offer up front. They may even send you a small check. If you cash the check you may noy be able to recover anything else. If it was considered that you released your injury claim as well as the damage to your vehicle you may be left out in the cold.

Most insurance companies will take care of your vehicle separate and apart from your injury claim. So you can settle your car damage without settling your bodily injury damage claim. However, make sure you know what you are signing.

Once you decide if you are going to hire a Cincinnati car accdent lawyer, you need to find the best car accident lawyer for your needs. My short video will give you some great tips. But I have a better resource for you. It is a book I wrote for accident/injury victims called Attorney Advertising Revealed. Here I share in depth insider information to keep you away from ambulance chasers and get you to the best accident attorney.

Believe me that there are lawyers out there that take car accident claims that have never had a civil car accident injury jury trial. Potentially a recipe for disaster. 

You really need to consider a personal injury trial attorney with jury trial experience. The insurance companies know who has been to Court and who has not. A poorly worked up claim by a so called accident lawyer could seriously limit your compensation. 

You will learn how accident victims shortchange themselves by accepting too little, as other injury claimants sabotage their claim by asking for too much money. It is critical to not ask for an amount of money that is way too high. If you do, it is likely you will not get much of an offer from the insurance company. They do not want to respond to demands that are way off base. 

The topic of cross examining the defense doctor is for a injury/accident claim that is in deep litigation. You may be required to be examined by the insurance doctor. They are well trained and experienced to defeat your case. However, with proper peparation your attorney should be able to limit the doctor's effect on your case.

In fact, if you hire a great injury attorney, the likelihood of settling out of Court is even better. This is because the insurance company knows that the attorney is willing and able to take the case to Court if a low ball offer is coming. So insurance is more likely to make a better offer presuit.  

Click on this link Personal Injury Video Library to take you to all of these accident injury topics!

I came across a great article When Do You Need To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer put together by my friend and personal injury attorney Mat Dolman. He asked 20 accident attorneys to answer that one question.

Paraphrasing a few of the answers you come up with this advice:

A good lawyer will reduce your stress as these claims can get pretty complicated. The insurance company will treat your claim seriously with a lawyer involved.

A good injury lawyer knows that big insurance wants to pay you as little as possible. The adjustor is protecting his employer the insurance company. You should have someone that levels the playing field and protects you. 

One attorney cited a study that settlements were generally higher if you are represented by an accident attorney.

Another car accident attorney mentioned how quickly evidence can disappear and that in cases of serious injury you certainly need a car accident attorney.

One motor vehicle accident lawyer mentioned that if you have whiplash you need to see a doctor of course but also a accident attorney. These injuries run the gamut from 4 weeks of pain and suffering to a life time injury that is permanent.


If you have a serious injury and want to get justice and full and fair compensation ( money damages) hire a great accident attorney. Otherwise, you have no way to counter the insurance companies low ball offer. An offer you just might mistakenly take because you were uninformed and believed the misinformation you got from the insurace company that wants to pay you as little as possible.

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