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Columbus injury accident attorneys can be easy to find in Columbus, Ohio. But if you have been seriously injured by the fault of another it's not that simple. Finding a personal injury lawyer is easy.  After all many lawyers claim to be capable of helping those hurt or harmed or even killed by the fault of another. But are they really fully capable? You probably question if you really need a lawyer. After all the insurance adjuster is talking nice and likely telling you not to hire a lawyer. But stop for a moment and think where does their interest lie. After all insurance companies make money by taking in premiums and paying out as little as possible on claims. Their interest is directly adverse to yours . You want and deserve fair and just compensation for all of your injuries. Whats best for you and your family is full and fair compensation so you can catch up with your life. The life that  has that has been taken from you.  God willing you will get it back.  But in order to do so you must recover money to make up for your hurts, harms and losses. And to help restore your health and pay your bills. Just because Columbus is the State capital of Ohio and has plenty of lawyers willing to take your claim does not mean each attorney is right for your case. First and foremost you want a seasoned veteran with courtroom experience.  Or are you thinking about going unrepresented. In a small case that may be okay. But in a serious injury insurance settlement claim chances are a dedicated bodily injury trial lawyer can do for you what you can not do for yourself. Read an insurance companies own words. Read how they play you like a drum to get what they want. They want to keep you away from a accident advocate so they can pay you less. Then, if your still not convinced about whether the insurance company is your friend, download the best selling book I co-authored with injury lawyers from across the country Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - What Your Insurance company Doesn't Want You To Know and Won't Tell You until It's Too Late.  You owe it to yourself and your family to get the best possible result. An uncompromisng advocate with uncompromising compassion for you can help you get what you deserve.  

How Do I Know What Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer To Choose?

Just as you would want to find the best doctor to restore you to health you want to find an attorney that will get you the results you injuries and harms deserve. The threat of a good experienced personal injury lawyer taking from the insurance company what they do not want to settle for often means you will not have to go to trial or even file suit. But you need to put the insurance company on notice by the lawyer you hire that they may have to face a jury that tells them the amount that is fair and makes them pay in. Fact is not all lawyers have tried bodily injury insurance settlement claims and some do not have the desire to file a lawsuit. The insurance company knows this. So get a barrister on your side that has had significant results.  

Three Critical Things You Want To Know About Your Columbus Bodily

Injury Insurance Claims Lawyer

In my view there are three critical things you need to find out about accident claims lawyers: Their Track Record of Results The Attorneys Testimonials From Clients A  Lawyers Peer Review Rating  (Listed as a super Lawyer) Rated Superb by AVVO Although this is not a guarantee of success in a personal injury claim, it certainly puts the odds in your favor that the lawyer you chose will do what it takes to have you treated with dignity and have you awarded every penny you deserve for your injuries and losses. You can click on the links above to see some of my results, what some clients have said about me and how my peers have reviewed my skills and ethics. I've dedicated the last 32 years of my professional legal career to helping injury victims recover what is rightfully theirs. The one thing I want you to know is this:  I Promise To Fight With all My Heart For You.  

What You Can Do Right Now To Get Help For Your Columbus Injury

Pick up the phone and call me locally at 614-438-2672 or toll free 1-800-447-6549 For a Free Claim Analysis. I will answer your questions and spend as much time as it takes to understand you, your claim, your harms and how your life has been affected.  

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