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Long Term Effects Can be Avoided with Proper Treatment

The aftermath of a severe car accident can cause a period of confusion, fear and anxiety. The level of personal injury from a vehicular auto crash can be devastating, especially if you are not properly treated. The number of injuries that can follow such an accident is extensive. Some injuries may go unnoticed in the immediate aftermath. Furthermore, there are cases when even accidents considered relatively minor can cause long term injuries that cause debilitating pain. On top of this, without a proper medical examination, such injuries could be missed and allowed to develop. A pinched or compressed nerve can cause many issues. When a nerve is compressed by other body tissue, including tendons, ligaments, or bones, or even a protruding intervertebral disc mild to severe pain can develop. Such an injury can occur in various parts of the body, with pain radiating down the entire length of the nerve. Perhaps the most common type is Sciatica, which affects the Sciatic nerve and commonly causes radiating pain down the back and legs. A pinched nerve can also result from a herniated disc, which can occur after a severe car accident. Of course big insurance will throw defenses such as degenerative disc disease. Pinced nerves in the cervical spine can occur from whiplash. The jolting and twisting motion of the body during an accident can cause many adverse effects on the body. The fragile portions of soft tissue and even bone can be forced out of alignment by a crash. Because of the nature of the injury, the full effects of pinched nerves may not be discovered for weeks, months,  after such an injury. Inflammation at the site of the injury may only occur afterwards and severe pain result only after repeated strain initiated by the accident. Common sites of pain after a compressed nerve in the spine include the back, hand, elbow, fingers, or legs. Depending on the type of nerve damage, other issues could develop, including swelling or fluid buildup at the site.

Early detection is often key. Many people forego a full medical examination in the aftermath of an auto accident because they think they can shake of the pain. This winds up not creating a benchmark needed to determine the total damage caused by the crash. Furthermore, many people do not contact a knowledgeable accident claim attorney, believing that the circumstances caused by the accident will be solved by insurance. Many are left high and dry by their insurance company and then begin developing the symptoms of issues arisen by the crash. Long term expenses to cover surgery relieving pressure on the nerve can build up. With the help of  seasoned automobile acciden lawyer such as Anthony Castelli, many of these issues may be avoided. You will have guidance on how to proceed  with quality health care and could even find the resources to pay the costs of your harms . Furthermore, you need to have protection against future medical expenses with the help of a legal advocate. The Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli is experienced in returning the cost of damages to you. Our experience in challenging obstinate insurance companies and reckless drivers allow us to reduce the continued effects of your accident. Our compassionate attorneys have helped hundreds of  clients and hope to assist you in your time of need. We work on contingency, not asking for a fee unless we recover for you. Contact us at 513-621-2345 to schedule your free consultation. Go here for medical information on a whiplash claim