What to Expect when You Hire Anthony Castelli for Your Personal Injury Claim

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In the following video, Anthony Castelli explains what you can expect when he handles your personal injury case.

Mr. Castelli has been fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in the Cincinnati area for over 30 years. He considers it an honor to help you through this difficult time, and he will provide you with humble, dedicated legal representation every step of the way.

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: What to Expect When You Hire Anthony Castelli For Your Personal Injury


Hi.  My name is Anthony Castelli.  I am a Cincinnati personal injury trial attorney.  You know, in the world of trial attorneys has a lot of ego. 

But there is a unique proposition that I tell my clients.  It’s your case, and what we’re about is you.  It’s all about you.  Your pain.  Your suffering.  Your hurt.  Your loss. 

I am here to serve you.  Some lawyers think that you’re lucky because they’re taking your case.  I feel just the opposite.  I’m honored when anybody walks in the door and hires me. 

I take it as a personal obligation to have you treated by my staff and myself in the best possible light. 

I’ve got a personal service guarantee that if you are not happy with my services in 30 days, you can take your file, no questions asked.  I can never guarantee a result, of course, okay?  But what I can tell you is that if you are not happy and think you made the wrong decision after 30 days, no problem. 

I want to take the fear out of hiring an attorney.  Attorneys are egotistical and that does them well in the courtroom, but I think that the humility that a real person has is what’s really necessary to be a good personal injury trial attorney.