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Lawyers Answer: Read What Leading Lawyers and Trusted Resources From Around the United States Say About How to Hire the Top Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney 2023

We reviewed multiple web sites to see what other attorneys or trusted resources had to say about the steps to take to ensure you hire the top ranked personal injury attorney for your car accident injury lawyer. We recently saw a great article by Dolman Law about , "When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer." This prompted me to think about what steps you need to take to do to hire a top rated and reviewed, honest to God, personal injury lawyer for car accident injuries. After all, apart from your doctor the lawyer you choose for your car accident harm is critical.

In fact, I have written a book about this subject called, Attorney Advertising Revealed. The revealing tips I gave in that book were based on my experience of over 35 years as a personal injury attorney with over 30 bodily harm injury trials where some awards were in the 6 figure arena.Sure you can ask Google for the best personal injury advocate, but there is a lot of misinformation out there. 

One false step could get you in the hands of a settlement mill or an ambulance chaser. They want to settle your case a quick as possible. This is certainly a recipe for disaster, if not cheap compensation, when it should have been valuable. 

In this day and age a search though Google can help you narrow things, but much of the information is motivated to get you to hire that person. However, with enough other information you can winnow out several great personal injury attorneys in your area to choose from. 

Upon asking Goolge the question " Who is the best attorney in Cincinnati" you will get some names, that does not necessarily mean you will find the best lawyer vs one with the best advertising on the internet. 

The web site that came up initially in my search was an advertising web site selling attorney directory space at There, they listed 6 tips to help you hire the best personal injury lawyer for your case. Tip #1 gave the answer to ask friends and family.They quoted attorneys Sean Cleary and Keith Flether who stated, "There are many personal injury lawyers..the best way is to talk to people you trust that have had a positive experience."

Another tip was from Attorney Neal Davis that stated, "Research different attorneys online. Make sure they are in good standing in the state where the accident occured. 

Listen to your Heart

Evan Gutherie, a personal injury lawyer said to pick the injury advocate that cares about you. Trust your gut feeling after talking with an attorney. If you are not comfortable move on.

Eric Ramos said to make sure the lawyer you are talking with will handle your case. This is critical. I know law firms in Cincinnati where you do not even get to meet a lawyer. They send runners to your home to sign you up. Be extrmely careful if your lawyer does not even have enough time to meet with you initially. As it is likely they may never work on your case. 

In the Ejuris article they even asked where not to look. Attorney Mack Babcock said not to look on tv ads, busses, and radio. He felt the more reputable lawyers gave information to prospective injury victims before blaring out advertising. So a good place to look is the attorney web sitefor critical infomation about their qualifications. 

Lawyers Connected to Judges is Misinformation

This same web site gives, what I think is very bad advice, when they state to look for lawyers that have judicial connections. This is really meaningless. I have no real connections though I know of the Judges and I know my way around the Courtroom. There is no necessity to hire an attorney because they are politically connected. 

Furher Attorney Answers on How to find the Best injury Lawyer

At Wikihow there was an article by attorney Clinton Sandvick. with the emphasis on understanding what a bodily injury attorney does for you and what is required in a car accident harm claim. Thus, you need an attorney that specifically focuses on injury claims that involve neligence. So your lawyer must know negligennce law. Also they need to know how to negotiate. A must is that they have had successful personal injury trials. 

In my experience there is no substitute for an attorney that has significant trial experience. if your attorney does not know ther way around the court room you may be forced to take a low ball out of court settlement. 

Injury Attorney Stewart Guss in his article says that an attorney should have experience with your type of case. Now when discussing this, it could mean the way your injury happened, such as in a car crash, or a dog bite, or a fall on somenone's property. Or, he could mean the type of injury you were caused such as whiplash, concussion injury, fractures, injuries superimposed on arthritic conditions and all other types of injuries. The more experience your lawyer has with your kind of case can be paramount. 

How To Get Through the Hype and Hire a Great Personal injury Lawyer 

In my book, Attorney Advertising Revealed now on Amazon I give you a system for hiring the great car accident lawyer near me. This is a system I have picked up from my experience and the experience of other great attorneys that are/were members of the vaunted Circle of Legal Trust.

Anthony Castelli's System For Finding a Great Personal Injury Attorney

My system supposes you do not know someone enough to get a reference. But even if you do, you still must vet the attorney currently. 

1. Do a google search with key words such as Cincinnati personal injury attorney if you are looking for someone in Cincinnati. 

2. At least look at 3-5 injury attorney web sites. There you should find reviews, testimonials, sample cases, experience and a few videos.

3. Review their experince with bodily injury claims.

4. Review their results

5 Review the number of personal harm claims they have tried to a jury. A real personal injury lawyer is a trial lawyer. 

6. Is the lawyer highly ranked by AVVO and/or Martindale hubbel. 

7. Does the lawyer provide you with helpful articles or free downloads so you can educate yourself. 

8. Does the attorney have video so you can see how he comes across. 

9 .Narrow your list to 3 lawyers. 

10. Call up the three lawyers and ask for a free consultation over the phone. 

11. If the lawyer you are interested in does not speak with you find another lawyer

12. Sit down with two of the lawyers and see who you like best. If you are comfortable with the first lawyer hire them  


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